Saturday, 23 April 2016


As most of you may not have known, I have been running two blogs for around six months now and have decided that it may be more reasonable to just have one blog. I will still have this blog although I will not be posting anything on it. On my new blog I have uploaded all of the posts from this blog onto my Oria blog. If you would like to still read my blog posts on Oria each week, feel free! As I will still be posting about rabbit stuff on Oria.
To summarise everything you've just read, I will be posting a 'rabbit nibbles' post each week on my Oria blog and will also be posting about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home-wear and rabbit stuff!
Rabbit Nibbles instagram account it will stay the same and have the same content.
And all the posts from Rabbit Nibbles are already uploaded onto Oria so you can still check out all of my previous post from Rabbit Nibbles!

I hope you enjoy my new blog Oria!

Oria/Nibbles xx


Friday, 22 April 2016

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Rabbit As A Pet

There are many Pros of getting a rabbit and everyone thinks that having a rabbit as a pet is easy. Let me tell you with 5 years experience with Nibbles it is not all 'smooth sailing'. Although a rabbit is great company there is a lot of work which comes with the 'company' of a bunny rabbit. If you are reading this to decide whether a rabbit is the right pet for you or your just curious as to how much work goes into taking care of a rabbit, you've come to the right place!


  • rabbits can't make loud sounds (so your neighbours won't complain).
  • they like eating carrot peels, banana peels, broccoli. etc (If you would like to find out what you should and shouldn't  feed your rabbit check out my blog post Things You Should And Shouldn't Feed Your Rabbit ).
  • Rabbits don't need a lot of toys
  • As most people think rabbits are .nocturnal, rabbits actually adjust to your time, if you take them out of there cage when you get up they will stay up till you put them back into there hutch and they may have the occasional nap from here and there.
  • rabbits are a lot more independent then dogs but not as independent as cats in the way that they won't leave your house all the time.
  • rabbits poo can be used as composed for your garden.
  • you won't need to bath your rabbit as rabbits clean themselves, the only time you may need to clean them is if they have poo or something stuck on their paws but make sure you don't ever wash there ears or get there ears wet as that could cause complications with your rabbits ears
  • Rabbits don't usually bite you although if a rabbit has not been desexed a male rabbits teeth can come in contact with you, keep in mind that your rabbit does not think that you are a carrot as that would draw blood from you, they bunny simply will just play fight you and give you a few 'nibbles' here and there, as I have witnessed Nibbles doing this to me, this only happens in the first half of summer when it is mating season, but besides that your rabbit will only lick you or nudge you.
  • Rabbits tend to pick a spot in a room and do there business there in that particular spot and that means even if it is carpet or tiles your rabbit will still do his or hers business there.
  • Rabbits need at least 3 hours of running around each day, with a minimum of 3 metres to play in, they may be small animals but as i said before they require a lot of work.
  • Rabbits attention span is a couple minuets meaning if you are training a rabbit they won't listen to you for long so make your training gradual throughout a couple weeks.
  • rabbits like to chew paper and anything straw or wood mainly because they need to grind there teeth down.
  •  Rabbits pee a stain on carpets which is quite hard to get out and also tiles although tiles are easier to clean there pee is also acidic which means it will work its way through something very slowly throughout time, if not removed.

I hope these pros and cons have helped you with deciding whether to get a rabbit or not, they are great fun although as I have shown you may be a bit of a handful with cleaning but I promise you if you decide to get a rabbit you will not regret it!

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